4 Cool Marketing Tools To Try This Year

We’re always amazed at the innovative ways technology makes our lives—and our jobs—easier. Heck, sometimes we don’t even have a need for the stuff, it’s just cool to see what’s out there and what powerful tools the average computer user now has access to at his fingertips. Here are 4 marketing tools to test drive for your brand this year.

If your business is engaged on social media, you probably share interesting news and articles related to your industry on a somewhat regular basis. This is a wonderful way to build audience engagement and establish yourself as an expert in your field. However, it does nothing to drive traffic to your website. Enter Ope.nr. Ope.nr is a simple tool that lets you add your own call to action to any link you share via social media. So that New York Times Story you shared will now have a little, non-invasive blurb at the bottom that says something like: ‘Like this article? Check out more great marketing content on our blog.’ Pretty neat, and effective.

With so many talented artists on our team, we’re hesitant to encourage the average Joe to try his hand at graphic design. But this program makes basic design so easy, we couldn’t resist sharing. Even if you’ve never created a graphic in your life, Canva allows you to make streamlined, great-looking designs in a few simple steps. With pre-made backgrounds and fool-proof templates, anyone can can ramp up their game from Microsoft Paint (step AWAY from the spray-paint tool!).

Facebook Business Manager
This one is a little tricky to get set up with, but if you manage multiple Facebook accounts (separate pages for three different clients, say) it makes running them all much more streamlined. Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to manage all your Pages from one interface, instead of switching identities between pages like you would when you’re normally logged into Facebook. The best part about this tool, hands down, is how it streamlines billing for Pages that buy ads. It allows you to add a different credit card for each page, a feature not allowed when using your standard Facebook account. You can use the Manager to view invoices and bill ads directly to the client.

It’s great when customers sing your praises on social media. It’s even better when the news media writes a glowing story about your company. But unless you’re religiously reading the local papers and searching your company name, how will you make sure you never miss a mention? Well, Mention is the solution. This “listening tool” scours the internet for mentions of your brand or company name and delivers them to you in the form of an immediate alert. The downside? You’ll have to pay to monitor more than one phrase. But the lowest plan starts at $29/month, a small added price to pay if you’re already investing time and money to grow your brand awareness.
What’s your favorite marketing tool for business? Have you tried any cool apps recently?