5 Awesome Ambient Marketing Campaigns

Ambient marketing, also known as ambient advertising or ambient media, is a unique form of advertising that uses its surroundings in unexpected ways. Think totally outside the box from conventional billboards and signage. Ambient marketing is one of those things that’s best explained by example, so let’s take a look at five fantastic campaigns to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Mr. Clean – Germany

Ambient1City streets are usually pretty dirty, so nothing captures attention like one gleaming white crosswalk stripe. The marketing team emblazoned that stripe with Mr. Clean’s well-known likeness, which had pedestrians doing a double take.

2. Copenhagen Zoo – Denmark

BThis one’s not for the squeamish! The Copenhagen Zoo outfitted an entire city bus with a giant constrictor, complemented by the tagline ‘The Wildest Place in Town’. After seeing this ad, we don’t doubt it!

3. Kit Kat – UK

Ambient3Kit Kat is known for being a master of ambient marketing, and what’s more attention-getting than a giant chocolate bar? This campaign made creative use of park benches and billboards around London.

4. Fort Lauderdale CVB – New York

AIf you’ve ever spent a day in sub-freezing temperatures, you know how alluring a beach vacation sounds in the middle of January. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau froze teeny bikinis into giant blocks of ice in Times Square, encouraging passerby to ‘Defrost Your Swimsuit’.

5. Copy & More – Germany

Ambient5Proof that great advertising doesn’t have to cost a fortune–all it takes is one good idea. Berlin copy shop Copy & More printed out life-sized copies of everyday items and tacked them up around the city.

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