7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Social Strategy

Visual content like video is more important than ever for digital marketing, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Facebook leader mark Zuckerberg announced in recent months a heavier emphasis on video as one of the platform’s top types of content, and video giant YouTube now rakes in over a billion monthly users. So how can you incorporate video into your marketing strategy without a multi-million dollar budget? Here are 7 ideas—all of which can be shot on your smartphone.

  1. Show your space.
    Take viewers on a walk-through of your restaurant/shop/warehouse. They’ve probably never seen very far past the front door, and you can even speed the video up for a cool effect.
  2. Demonstrate how to do something.
    Home Improvement retailer Lowe’s is the king of how-to videos. Check out this 6-seoncd tutorial on how to lay a backsplash via Vine. You can do the same thing with one of your products, a workout, a recipe, the list goes on.
  3. Answer a frequently asked question.
    Whether it’s an actual question submitted by a customer or just something you get asked a lot, shoot a 30-second clip of yourself explaining the answer.
  4. Weigh in on a timely topic in your field.
    If you’re a lawyer, for example, you might comment on the major case that’s making headlines, giving your opinion on how the verdict will turn out.
  5. Share clips form a company event.
    Whether it’s the company holiday party or your secretary’s birthday celebration in the break room, share a couple quick clips of the festivities.
  6. Make an announcement.
    Making a new hire? Introducing a new product? Create buzz by making the announcement via a video shared to social media.
  7. Interview an interesting staff member.
    Do you have a maintenance worker who’s been on the job for ten years? Or maybe it’s a fresh-out-of-school graduate starting her first job. Find someone with a unique perspective and sit them down for a few on-camera questions.

How have you used video to boost your brand’s reach? If you need help getting your first take underway, the team of pros at Kauff’s Video is eager to help you say “action!”