Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Write Off Google+

You remember Google+. It’s Google’s social media platform that debuted to lackluster reviews several years ago, and since then has been doing, well, not a whole lot. While Google+ certainly hasn’t become the next Facebook, the place where you go to share photos of your kids and see what your high school classmates are up to, it has become a big game changer for businesses. Here’s why you can’t afford write off Google+.

As we explained in this post, social media sharing now plays a larger role in how search engines weigh your content. Content that’s shared on Facebook and Twitter, for example, is ranked higher than content of equal quality that’s not shared on those platforms. The search engines have come to understand that when people find useful content, they share it. And they’ve learned to include that in their rankings.

So it only makes sense that Google, the search engine of all search engines, would give a lot of credit to content that’s shared on its own social media platform. The result of your site being widely shared on Google+? Higher search rankings.

At KAUFFs, we can personally attest to the difference Google+ makes in search rankings. Since we began ramping up our Google+ sharing 3 months ago, we’ve noticed a marked increase in where our websites fall in Google’s search results. Higher search rankings certainly aren’t the be-all-end-all, but they do translate to more web traffic, more eyes on our pages, and ultimately, more business.

The best part of Google+? Unlike Facebook, where brands are relying increasingly on promoted content to get their message out, Google+ is still a great platform to reach your target audience for free. You can do this by joining Communities and creating Circles that are relevant to your industry. It takes a bit of time (and trial and error) to get your Google+ profile up and running, but once you do we think it’s a worthwhile payoff that business owners can’t afford to pass up.

Have you implemented Google+ for your business or brand? If not, KAUFFs can help you get your social media marketing plan off the ground. Check out our Google+ page here.