Digital Signage Goes High Tech

At KAUFF’s, we’ve long proclaimed the benefits of outdoor advertising like signage and vehicle wraps. And now, with the help of technology, outdoor advertising is more personal and customizable than ever. Here are a few of the cool high-tech tools marketers are taking advantage of when it comes to digital signage.

The same WiFi you use to access the internet via your smartphone is now being harnessed to power massive outdoor displays like billboards. Digital billboards themselves have been around for several years, but now some providers are making it possible to update them instantly from anywhere with a WiFi connection.
Imagine the possibilities that come with being able to change your company’s ad campaign with the touch of a button. You could customize the messaging based on the weather, the traffic conditions, a community event…the possibilities are endless! (Can you tell we get excited about signage?)

Just like you see Facebook ads for businesses in your neighborhood, we expect you’ll soon be seeing interactive outdoor ads based on what’s nearby and what you like. For example, imagine being able to text your followers a coupon code anytime they come within a mile of your shop. As they pass by, your sign delivers an interactive message tailored specifically for them. It might sound a little crazy, but statistics show consumers have an overwhelmingly higher response rate to personalized ad campaigns than they do to generic ones. Why shouldn’t we use our digital capabilities to capitalize on it?

Integration with Social
Until now, billboards were billboards and Facebook was Facebook. Two separate entities, each with its own purpose. But what happens when the two converge? Today’s marketers are thinking of ever-more-innovative ways to combine signage and social media, be it displaying real-timeTweets from loyal customers or allowing users to vote for their favorite ad campaign via Facebook. In the year ahead we expect to see the lines between traditional and new media continue to blur.

If you’ve ever designed an outdoor ad campaign from start to finish, you know the process is anything but quick. From concept to graphic design to printing to installation, finalizing a traditional signage campaign takes time. It’s not the case with digital. Now you can change your marketing campaign at the drop of a hat (or the start of a flash sale, if you will). Looking to push out extra inventory by the end of the week? Simply change the messaging on your billboard to reflect that. It’s never been so quick or convenient to get your message across.

What innovative ways will you make use of digital signage in 2015? Check out KAUFF’S Video for some outdoor signage solutions.