Moving Images Tell a Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, moving images write a book. The use of motion graphics is a powerful way to move people, to make a lasting impression, and ultimately to reinforce your brand.

A moving image, or animation, works a lot like a TV commercial. When done correctly, it sticks with the viewer much longer than the 30 seconds they spend watching it. The difference is, motion graphics are far easier and more cost effective to produce than TV ads and leave just as great of an impact.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Let’s work together to develop motion graphics for your next corporate meeting, industry trade show or new website. We offer highly engaging animations with quick turnaround, so you can incorporate effective motion graphics into your upcoming presentation in no time. Whether you’re looking to train your team, launch a new product, educate an audience or showcase your achievements, KAUFFs Video can product compelling motion graphics that help achieve your objective.

Motion Graphics Service Includes:

• Video Production
• Editing
• Animation
• Streaming Media and Webcasting
• Post and Special Effects
• Storyboarding
• Video / Audio Digitizing / Encoding
• Optimization & Compression
• Instructional and Training Videos
• Flash and Web Banner Ads
• Tradeshow Presentation
• Product Demo

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